It is the aim of Academy Bendigo to provide exposure to traditional values and encourage students to achieve high standards in their development. Classes are designed to deliver quality information, strong foundations and practical applications to enable informed and direct responses in creative expression.
As the Director I believe in my heart that creativity is vital to our humanity. Art nourishes the spirit and creating and appreciating art enriches our community.



‘Growing up in the remote areas of Victoria's and South Australia's little dessert regions my schooling was achieved by correspondence and School of the Air, my opportunities in art were limited and practical experience very minimal and I yearned to know more about fine art and in my twenties found the right teachers and information I needed to move forward.

After two decades teaching in the public sector and experiencing the lack of basic fundamentals, foundational skills and techniques and hearing the constant voice of disappointment in students I realized my goal in Jan 2013 was to establish a private ‘Studio art school’ in central Victoria – “Academy Bendigo’.  The school quickly flourished and within a week the school boasted 36 students. Now after three years the school currently has an enrolment of 55 students. The strength of the Academy comes from the unity of a common love in appreciating something of beauty and the need to create visual images and as a group of students can achieve our creative goals.