My passion for miniatures began when a tiny 5x6cm art piece, demanded my total attention time after time. I was captivated. As a member of the ‘World federation of Miniatrists’ and ‘Australian Miniature Society’ for five years I followed my desire to pursue this specialised art form, and the age old tradition of miniature portrait painting with watercolour on ivory; and increasing public awareness and appreciation of it’s vivacity.

People viewing my miniatures have told me they ‘clearly demonstrate a passion for creating something exquisite, original and personal… they can only be described as delightful, intimate and very detailed.’


Celebration Of Life

One aspect of my work I love that I have developed is capturing the memories of individuals in the form of still-life miniatures. A collection of items, that tells a life long story of a particular person and their ‘own’ memories. Basically the paintings are a ‘celebration of ones life’; no matter who we are  (popular, unknown, wealthy or not) we are all individually unique and special… a real reason to celebrate!”